Hiring checklist #1

What do we charge?

You don't pay us anything up front or as we go. As your car accident lawyer or personal injury attorney, we are paid a percentage of the recovery when the case is over, and a reimbursement for the expenses we pay during the case. 

It can be very expensive to develop a case. This is true all across the state including Kingsport, Johnson City, Bristol and surrounding areas. For example, there are costs to getting your medical information, filing a lawsuit, taking sworn testimony, creating re-enactments and animations or getting expert testimony. At Bates & Associates you don't have to worry. As your lawyer and personal injury attorney, we pay the expenses while we build your case.

Bottom Line: The more we get you, the more we make. And the quicker we get it for you, the better it is for us, too. 

I was always told not to say this to clients, but it's the truth. As your lawyer and personal injury attorney, it doesn't help us one bit for a case to drag out for a long time, or to get less than we deserve.


"I don't know if there is anybody to represent her better than you guys. I feel like you were totally there to support her and to be there for her, not worried about what you were gonna get out of it." 

-Jury Foreman Nov. 2018 Trial


Transparency & Communication.

Hiring a lawyer is a big deal. It doesn't matter if you're hiring a car accident lawyer, personal injury attorney or any other type of lawyer. You are trusting someone to go to battle for you. It requires trust, honesty and communication.

Every client at Bates & Associates has the personal cell phone of their attorney. They are encouraged to text, call or email anytime. 

This scares some other lawyers, because these other lawyers have too many cases, they don't want to be "bothered" by their clients or they want someone else to communicate with their clients. 

We don't share these fears with other lawyers, because we are selective in the cases we take and we only represent folks  we genuinely care about and we treat them like family. It doesn't matter if you live in Bristol, Johnson City, Kingsport or any of the surrounding areas, we'll also come to you and make house calls. We introduce you to our kids and we get to know you. 

Bottom Line: A lawyer can't truly fight for you, unless they're willing to get to know you and communicate with you.


 "There wasn't any hesitation knowing what 

you guys said was true"

-Jury Foreman Nov. 2018 Trial

Hiring checklist #3

Will your attorney fight for you?

I enjoy the fight.

I was raised by a cattle farmer. We weren't rich, but I watched my dad fight for everything we had. I used that fight and work ethic playing ball, until I couldn't anymore. I saw a personal injury attorney just after a trial one day and you could tell that he had just been in a knock down, drag out fight. 

And that's when I decided I wanted to be a lawyer. I didn't know I wanted to become a car accident lawyer, personal injury attorney, represent folks in Bristol, Kingsport or Johnson City. All I knew is that I wanted to fight for folks. I get the most enjoyment taking cases that other lawyers don't think have value and knocking them out of the park. Or, taking cases against the big hospitals or clinics that scare too many other lawyers away.


There's nothing you could've done better. You enjoy what you do and it's obvious. You fight for your clients and if I ever need a lawyer, I'm hiring you.

-Juror #4, November 2019 Trial


Amat Victoria Curam!

I have a sign in my office with this Latin phrase. It translates to: Victory favors the prepared

We live by this phrase in our office. 

Simply put: we out work our opponents. We outwork other lawyers, personal injury attorneys, and car accident lawyers in Bristol, Johnson City, Kingsport and surrounding areas.

Our clients expect it from us. And they deserve nothing less.

When you're injured because of someone else's conduct, it's overwhelming. You did nothing wrong. Yet, all of a sudden, an insurance company and their lawyer is building a case against you. The insurance company likely isn't located in Bristol, Kingsport, Johnson City or anywhere close. So, they have no idea who you are what you're going through. They will have unlimited money to make their case. Their goal is simple: keep you from getting what you deserve. 

That's why you hire us.

I've always been taught that you can't fake hard work, and the bottom line is that we outwork our opponents, other car accident lawyers and personal injury attorneys and jurors routinely say the same thing when we go to trial. 


 We felt that you guys were really, really prepared. Um, we felt like you were representing her not just out to, you know, earn money. 

-Jury Foreman November 2018

I'll tell you this, it was clear you were more prepared than the other lawyer.

-Juror August 2019

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